Ezequiel is a session/touring keyboardist and music producer based
in Brazil, Sao Paulo State. He performs, produces, composes, arranges and records.
He performs and records for original bands, solo artists, cover bands and tribute bands.

He has performed regularly in Las Vegas with Pop Vision, toured around Argentina and Brazil with Thes Siniestros and in
the US west coast with Modern Pantheist and Diego Davidenko.

Records include international compilations, LPs, EPs and Singles edited through labels such as Universal Music Group, Scatter Records and Uf Caruf! Discos, as well as a large number of independent labels.

He has worked for producers such as Mike Plotnikoff
(Van Halen, P.O.D.), Alfredo Calvelo (Adicta, Francisco Bochaton), Jimmi Mayweather
(Quincy Jones, Ringo Starr) and Gustavo Bilbao (Catupecu Machu).

Ezequiel is an eclectic musician and producer, whose passion
relies on playing with melodies, textures, sounds and making musical
materials as attractive as possible.

You can find highlights of his resume on the 'records' section of this website. Or go to the 'academic' section if you want to know some of his music for media, academic scores and published music essays.