ezedob | Ezequiel Dobrovsky
Keyboardist . Music Producer


Ezequiel Dobrovsky is a Session/Touring Keyboardist and Music Producer.
He works and has worked with artists such as La Cumparsita Rock 72, Pop Vision, HOTT MT, Thes Siniestros, Graciela Davidenko, Electra Barakos, Canto El Cuerpo Electrico, Noticeable Ones, Modern Pantheist, between many others.

Live Performance Services

Shows . Tours . Residencies . Rehearsals

  • Responsibility
  • Committed Performance
  • Accurate Transcribed Parts
  • Precise Sounds Programming
  • Improvising
  • Effects & Sounds Triggering
  • Backing Tracks Routing & to PA

Backing Tracks Routing (VS)

Multi-Channel & Keymarks

  • Click + Track w Keymarks to Drummer
  • Track & Keymarks to Singers
  • Ableton Live
  • DAW Editing Off Session
  • Cover, Tribute, Original

Recording Services

Piano & Synths Recordings

  • Online delivery or at the/your studio
  • Up to 29+ tracks per synths delivery
  • 3 corrections
  • WAV or AIFF 24bits/48khz
  • MIDI files and raw tracks upon request
  • Pop, EDM, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, R&B-Soul, Latin

Music for Media

Opening Themes, Advertisement & Film

  • Television
  • Web Productions
  • Radio
  • Cinema

Music Production

Bands/Solo Artists

  • Coaching
  • Music Direction
  • Songs Production
  • Arrangements
  • Additional Instruments Arrangements (strings, percussion, brass, electronic drums, effects, synths, etc)
  • Editing (tuning, rhythm)

Credits: La Cumparsita Rock 72 . Patin! . Electra Barakos . Shanae Carter . Canto El Cuerpo Electrico . Sara Santilli + more

Digital Scores Services

Songs Transcriptions (melody/chords)
Arrangements (vocal & instrumental)
Copyist (full score & parts)

  • Accuracy
  • Careful Design
  • PDF Delivery, SIB & MIDI on request

Let's work together

write me an e-mail . contact me through facebook . find me on instagram @ezedob . or fill the contact form . and I will get back to you as soon as I can